Your restaurant has a distinct personality and food photography can help showcase it in a meaningful way.

New restaurants and cafes open almost every day, which means that competition is growing between them. To attract new visitors, it’s not enough to write the name of the dishes on the restaurant’s website or menu. 

It is the photograph that determines whether your audience will want to try the dish or not.

Showcase the best of your food

A great way to put a spotlight on your best dishes is to showcase mouthwatering dishes on your website and social media.

It may seem that to photograph a plate of pasta or dessert is not so difficult, and you could do it yourself. Professional photos are significantly different from what you do yourself: your phone’s camera or amateur camera won’t help you achieve high-quality images. 

Not only is knowledge about photography important, but you’ll need professional photographic equipment. You need special lighting, a quality lens, skills to work with them and, of course, an artistic eye for detail.

At Medialiciously, we know the nuances of working with food and drink products. These little secrets help us to create appetising images that convey the beauty of the food and drink.

By hiring a professional food photographer, you’ll discover more favourable angles, lighting, and skillfully balanced elements in the frame of your photos. 

Some dishes need to be photographed quickly. For example, cappuccino can quickly lose its frothy appearance. A food photographer pays great attention to detail.

Build user trust

People can be choosy about their taste. 

More often than not, people judge food from the photographs they see of it online or in your menu. 

If you were perusing a restaurant website and saw a picture of an average-looking pasta dish, would that make you want to order? Probably not. 

Your customers will peruse your website with the same analytical approach that they would have for the food approaching their table. 

Don’t just rush to put up a blurry photo, or a photo where the lighting is not quite right. Make sure that the picture does the dish justice.

Marketing appeal

Website pages and blog posts with high-quality photos tend to fare better with your audience. 

It’s long been standard practice to pair written content with a photo for good reason – people will retain the knowledge for longer. 

If you print that you sell a Wagyu version of your beef burger, the response may not be as strong as it would be if you provided a mouthwatering photo of that burger as it comes out of the oven. 

Food photography is a wonderful way to highlight your brand by showcasing:

  • The work of the chef
  • The artistry of the food
  • Showstopping food and drink

Food photography can serve as the differentiator between your establishment and the competition. It can be the reason people order a specific dish or decide to visit your restaurant in the first place.

Hire a food photographer in Edinburgh

Professional food photography can help you bring the rest of your restaurant marketing ideas to fruition. 

As you develop your website and prepare your food photography, it pays to consider the details. 

Contact Medialiciously for a free chat about your requirements.

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