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The growth of the food and drink industry has brought with it a growth in competition. It’s more important than ever to have an online presence that speaks to your audience and compels them to buy from you.

Not only do you need to shout louder than the rest, but your shouting also needs to be better articulated and more original than all the other brands in your food and drink category.

Having an effective online food and drink store is one of the most important parts of growing your business.

It’s no secret that the current pandemic-induced lockdown measures in the UK have provided businesses with their biggest opportunity to change their angle to align with consumers changing their buying behaviours.

Since the pandemic, online shopping has gone into overdrive.

We want to help you to stand out from the crowd and showcase your brand at its best. With high-quality visuals, great products, and engaging content, we can help you to create an impressive website that’s sure to help you increase online sales and revenue.

The power of food and drink branding

Ice cream and milkshake on a table

First impressions are everything. If “the first bite is taken with the eye”, then regardless of how amazing your product is, the branding will need to work hard to showcase it.

Over three billion people have access to the internet across the world. Now, we’re not saying you should try and target all of them (can you imagine the ad spend?!), but we are saying that the internet is usually the first place people look for information.

If someone searches “Restaurant delivery in Edinburgh” and your website isn’t up and running or lacks optimisation, then you’re going to struggle to get found on search results.

It’s important to provide quick information to potential customers that are looking for it. Otherwise, you risk them heading off to your competitors’ websites instead.

If you already have a website and/or online store, you might think this doesn’t apply to you. But, stick with us. 

Even if you do already have a website, is it standing out from the sea of competition? Does it excite, entice, and engage with your user within seconds?

If it doesn’t, you might be missing out on converting your website traffic to paying customers. You can check your conversion rate by using tools like Google Analytics or by hiring a digital marketing agency like Outlaw Social.

Customer behaviour and what influences the buying choices they make have been researched in depth. While there are some less controllable factors that affect purchases, such as hunger and mood, there are plenty that can be influenced. 

Elements such as brand image, quality of content and visuals, convenience, and brand values are among the most important things to consider when creating your online store.

Increase your website conversion rate

Mmm, we bet you want a burger after seeing that photo?

Did we mention the power of strong visuals?

High-quality content is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ for businesses and their websites. If you want to stand out in the food and drink industry, high-quality content is essential.

We wrote an article about the importance of professional photography for your brand. Check it out.

The idea here is to create an identity, rather than a sales page. Creating an identity will help you future-proof your business.

Here are four marketing elements to consider investing in when you’re creating your website and online store:

  • Logo: All too often, businesses try to be too clever and complicated with their brand logos. If you need convincing that simple is better, think about Nike’s logo. A simple tick, yet one of the most memorable logos in the world. Your logo must be visually memorable and used consistently. Check out these inspiring restaurant logos.
  • Colour: Remember the good old days when websites had all sorts of weird and wonderful colours? Those days are gone folks. Step away from the five fluorescent colours against a black background and welcome in the power of the simple colour palette. Your colours should complement each other and stand out from competitors. Ever noticed takeaway food establishments love the colour red? Just Eat, Pizza Hut, Domino’s. Cue Deliveroo and UberEats. They stand out because the broke free from the stereotype by ditching the colour red.
  • Visuals: Make sure your supporting graphics, photography, and video are professionally created and have a high resolution. We can help with that.
  • Text: Use clean and clear fonts. Your content and copywriting should be simple and engaging while leading the user through the journey of your brand story. Show them why they should buy from you, don’t just tell them.

Putting these things into practice is part of what a) sets you apart from the competition, and b) compels your audience to commit to your main call to action.

Improve your search rankings

Mozzarella and tomato salad

Having an SEO-optimised website for your food and drink business can help it show in results for related terms. For example, if your website has relevant keywords applied, such as “Italian restaurant delivery in Edinburgh” or “Best Indian takeaway in Glasgow”, it will be more likely to rank for those terms. And, therefore, will help you to gain more exposure and traffic to your website.

There are rules and techniques to follow when it comes to optimising your website. Our partners at Outlaw Social can help with SEO, conversion, and website creation.

Your food and drink website, whether that be for a product, a takeaway, or a restaurant, should showcase important information relevant to your business and user. This includes:

  • Business hours
  • Menu
  • Offers
  • Contact details
  • Social media
  • Delivery options

It should also provide true and direct information for anyone looking for something specific, e.g. “Vegan pizzas”, “Dairy-free milkshake”, and so on. These key terms help users to avoid being misled.

Above all else, always assume that your competitor has a website and/or online store. Make sure you can reach your audience before they do.

Your customers expect it

Is there anything worse than searching for a restaurant or delivery service only to discover no website exists for them? Or maybe the site lacks a booking form, menu, or another piece of required information.

Even though you might have been in the food and drink industry for a long time, customers still expect you to have an online presence. Where can they go to see your updates? Offers? Menu? Contact information?

You might think your business doesn’t require a website, but your customers do. Don’t disappoint them.

Delivery, takeaway, and menu features

You can easily add an online booking, delivery, and collection service call to action to your website.

In today’s climate, where restaurants are remaining closed for public safety, providing an online delivery service might be vital to your business survival and growth.

With an established website that makes buying from you easy, you will increase your customer interactions and potential sales.

Make sure your website is well-equipped with an up-to-date menu.

Make your website professional

Plate of pasta with a side of flatbread

The phrase “you get what you pay for” could not be truer when applied to brand marketing and content creation, especially when it comes to creating a website and online store.

You might have a friend or colleague who occasionally uses Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, but try not to feel tempted to put the future success of your food and drink brand into their hands.

Consumers want to buy from businesses that tell their story, showcase their values, and present their products in the best way possible. They make impulse decisions based on the look and feel of your website.

The only way to make something look professional is to have it created by professionals, such as Outlaw Social and Medialiciously.

Need help setting up a website for your food and drink business?

If you haven’t already created a website or are looking to optimise your current site, we can help.

Our teams at Medialiciously and Outlaw Social have extensive experience in brand marketing, website design, and content creation.

Contact Outlaw Social for guidance on website creation and optimisation.
Contact Medialiciously for guidance on high-quality photography and video content.


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