About Medialiciously

About Us

Food and drink is our language. Born from a passion for cooking, storytelling, and marketing, we founded Medialiciously to serve up high quality, on-demand content to the world’s best food & drink brands. 

We are a media agency that specialises exclusively in food and drink content creation. Powered by sector-specific expertise, and a depth of creative ability, our team work hard to produce high quality video & photography that inspire your audience.

Your marketing should be as tasty as your food, so if you’re on a mission to be better, partnering with us could be the recipe to your success. 

Our Values

We believe that business should be values led and every decision we make should first align with our values. This is our rule book, our own unique recipe for success, and it’s what drives us to learn, improve and grow.


We are hungry to push creative boundaries. By taking inspiration from world-leading creatives, and investing in our craft, we always aim to be creatively fuelled in everything we do.

Community Focused

People are the heart of everything in this world. That is why we are committed to building relationships with clients who help the community, bring people together and create positive social impact.


Passion makes our work fun. It allows us to go above and beyond to achieve excellence. We want to work with clients, creatives and partners who are passionate about: videography, photography, design, quality food & drink & diverse cuisines.

Transparency & Respect

Whether it’s  how we communicate with our clients, our colleagues, our partners or our pets, we are upfront and transparent in the way that we communicate. We seek to treat others how we would like to be treated.


Collaboration makes everything better. The more talented, diverse and unique the people working on a project are, the better the outcome. We believe in helping and empowering each other to deliver the best results we can collectively feel proud of. Together we are stronger.

Growth Mindset

Challenges excite us and failure doesn’t scare us. By adopting a mindset of enjoying the journey and always being hungry to learn and grow, we can deliver our best creative work. We don’t believe in “its always done this way”, but rather in finding creative solutions to hard problems.

Our Team

Talha Imam
Creative Director

Talha is an enthusiastic and highly experienced photographer and videographer. He graduated with a bachelor degree in media studies from Napier University and has over four years of experience being a self-employed media specialist.

Having photographed dishes from over 300 restaurants, bars and cafes in Scotland, Talha is an expert when it comes to the sector and heads up our creative team. His eye for delivering tastes through the lens raises the bar in the field of food & drink media.

Lee Fitzpatrick
Managing Director

Lee combines a deep knowledge of digital marketing with a passion for creative content, and drives the strategic direction and client relationships that are central to our organic growth.

His other business Outlaw Social, is a content-focused, performance marketing agency that works in partnership with Medialiciously to deliver bespoke solutions to our clients.

Moh Al-Haifi
Marketing Director

Moh is passionate about bettering society through innovative and growth-oriented business. He also loves cooking!

His experience lies in digital marketing including social media management, PPC/paid media, branding and digital project management and he works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the “medialiciously” experience is seamless from start to finish for our valued clients.

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